"Soul of life" tells the story of our lives. The left side of the picture shows real life and how we all go through lots of difficulties. I tried to express them by using falling yellow leaves and birds that cannot fly. However, the right side shows how much life becomes vibrant and fresh as we get touched by our loved ones.  At that moment, we forget about all of the hardships, we feel warmth, security, and love in our hearts. I showed these feelings by having green leaves, blossoms, red cherries, and flying butterflies. The charcoal drawing in the background, combined with naturally colored wood, makes the artwork one of a kind piece.  


This picture is made with a unique technique of marquetry. 100% Hand made! 
Please note! Colorful oyster shells have been used in this work, but no paints or dyes are used to manufacture the panel. The artwork comes with a beautiful frame.  

Marquetry is an artistic set of thin wooden plates (veneer) of various colors and textures. Pieces of wood, docking along the edges with each other, form a complete picture, which is then glued to the base. The role of colors in marquetry is played by the texture and shade of the wood, so the most critical task is to determine the composition and the artist's artistic ability to select and combine the right pieces of veneer. In a marketer's workshop, there are different types of veneer, from black to almost white, and the same wood in other areas can have different shades.

Assembling the mosaic set itself is only no more than a third of the entire process. The rest is the preparation of the image, revision and correction of the set, gluing, sanding, finishing with oils and varnish, etc. Many steps are repeated many times to achieve a better result. Oil finish only with the first primer, and finishing with shellac lacquer takes up to 7 days.
The art piece size is 24"x30" inches. When creating the work, the artist combined 50 pieces cut from 7 different types of wood including hardwood; Berberis aristata, Alder, Elaeagnaceae, African Blackwood, black willow, Red oak, Aspen, Ash, Bloodwoodinto a single picture. The surface of the picture is covered with eco-friendly linseed oil and shellac. The finished product required more than 120 hours of artist work. Customization is possible in the desired sizes. This is a beautiful gift for people close to you. I revive the ancient art of Marquetry and give it a new modern look.

Each one of my art pieces starts with a sketch. The patterns are hand drawn, and each piece is cut from wood that is selected using the color and grain to attain a finished product without paint, stain, or dye. 
The picture is clear coated to protect the natural and beautiful color of the wood.

Due to the color and grains of the wood, no two pictures look precisely alike.

Soul of Life

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